Bold Dark (iOS 17 Icon Set)

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Treat your eyes with Bold Dark: a beautiful alternative Dark Mode version of the friendly and balanced Bold icon set.

Nearly all stock icons in iOS 17 were last updated with iOS 7, which released a decade ago. In the years since, the design language of iOS has slowly evolved and reintroduced subtle shadows, bolder typography, and more rounded icons, resulting in a friendlier look that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Bold imagines what your home screen icons could look like if they were redesigned to match the design language of iOS today, and this Bold Dark version offers consistency with all-dark backgrounds. If you prefer more color or want even more consistency, check out these alternative sets:

Icon Overview (68 total)


App Store, Books, Calculator, Calendar (2 versions), Camera, Clock (2 versions), Compass (2 versions), Contacts (2 versions), FaceTime, Files, Find My, Health, Home, iTunes, Mail (2 versions), Maps (2 versions), Measure, Messages (2 versions), Music, News, Notes (2 versions), Phone, Photos, Podcasts, Reminders, Safari (2 versions), Settings, Shortcuts (2 versions), Stocks (2 versions), Translate (2 versions), TV (2 versions), Voice Memos (2 versions), Wallet, Weather (2 versions)

App Store

AirPort Utility, Chrome, Discord, Instagram, iTunes Remote, Line, Messenger, Signal, Slack, Snapchat, Spotify, Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, Wire, YouTube, ZenGo

How to Use

You can use custom icons by creating home screen shortcuts that open different apps.

Note that custom icons don't have notification badges or Quick Actions, and tapping them opens the Shortcuts app for a split second.

Repeat this process for every icon you want to replace:

  • Open the stock Shortcuts app
  • Add a shortcut by tapping + at the top
  • Tap 'Add Action'
  • Tap 'Scripting'
  • Tap 'Open App'
  • Tap 'Choose' and select the app you want to replace
  • Tap the ••• button
  • Tap 'Add to Home Screen'
  • Enter the app's name, and tap the icon to the left
  • Tap 'Choose Photo'
  • Choose the Bold replacement icon
  • Tap 'Add'


I do not offer refunds for the simple reason that you would be able to keep using the icons if I were to offer a refund. The complete list of icons is available above, so you know what you're getting. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you for your support :) Potential future updates will be free. You may not share, resell, or redistribute these icons without my permission. You can get in touch with me through Twitter (@doney).

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Bold Dark (iOS 17 Icon Set)

15 ratings
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